February 2016

Looking for more volunteer drivers.

Our Mission


Drive for the Blind

As a visually impaired individual, you will hear a verbal tapestry that a volunteer driver is illustrating for you.

Most of us are fortunate to have the gift of eyesight. Some of us lack what many take for granted. We are volunteers that drive and "see" for the blind while doing so.

February 2016

Our first blind drive. Many thanks!

It's important to be as clear as possible about what we do. Our goal isn't to provide rides to destinations. The drive is our goal.

The Lives We Impact


As a volunteer driver you will have the experience of spending time with a visually impaired individual that will love that you are literally painting an image with your words as you drive.

We are always looking for volunteers to pick up visually impaired individuals and see the sights through words while they drive.


February 2016

Looking for more visually impaired individuals that would love a ride.